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Your tour service in Europe!
Sprinter and Mini-Nightliner renting

Keeping it rolling since 1999..

Closing the gap between splitter vans and large sleeper coaches the
Minisleeper is available for 6 and 9 people.
Full AC, 220v on board, entertainment and comfortable bunks are the key
features of these self-drive vehicles.
Got more gear? Just get a trailer and your tour will be rolling smoothly.

All our vehicles are based on the Mercedes Vario with high fuel efficiency
and a great suspension.
Almost like a bus but nowhere near the price.




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Mini 818/816 "long"

Taking up to 9 people (including driver) it's the ideal vehicle for the large travelparty. All Minisleepers are fully equipped including bedding.
Beds 9
Model Mercedes Vario 818D & Mercedes Vario 816D
load capacity ~4,6T
Specials Air ride suspension, full AC, 220v on board, small fridge, trailer hook

Mini 818 "short"

The short version of the Minisleeper, fits up to 6 including driver. Sharing all amenities of its larger brothers.
Beds 6
Model Mercedes Vario 818D
load capacity ~4,5T
Specials Air ride suspension, full AC, 220v on board, small fridge, trailer hook

Sprinter/Splitter Vans

Our Mercedes vans all got 9 seats and 160HP motor and are equipped with automatic gear.
Seats 9
Model Mercedes Vario 818D
load capacity ~4,5T
Specials Seat-divider, 220V on board, 2. Battery, background-light

+ Trailer

Our standart-trailer adds and addtional 1,2T load capacity Bigger trailers can be issued upon request
Size 4,42x2,07x2,52 lxbxh in meters
add. load capacity 1,2T


Our partner Absolute-Touring can serve you high-quality nightliners:


August Burns Red
Comeback Kid
Every Time I Die
  • Parkway Drive Crew
  • Atlas Losing Grip
  • Momonyth
  • Ohrenfeindt
  • Skeletonwitch
  • Death Valey High
  • Steve’n’Seagulls
  • Yokko
  • Crowned Kings
  • Psychostick
  • Red Sun Rising
  • Rise of the Northstar
  • Hell-O-Matic
  • Erdling
  • Death Letter Circus
  • Astrid S.
  • Hämatom
  • The Exploited
  • Willy B.
  • H2O
  • Comback Kid
  • Havok
  • Battlecross
  • Paper Tigers
  • Walls of Jericho
  • Donovan Frankenreiter
  • Soundcontrol Crew
  • Dying Fetus
  • Mortillery
  • Pyogenesis
  • WCAR
  • Between The Buried and Me
  • New Years Day
  • Thundermother
  • Unzucht
  • Heidra
  • Thy Art is Murder
  • Decoy
  • The Devil Makes Three
  • Birth of Joy
  • Protest the Hero
  • Wake to Reality
  • Canterra
  • Ocean Wake
  • The Vintage Caravan
  • Fall of Gaja
  • The Last Bandoleros
  • Carnifex
  • Sonic Syndicate




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